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Stories & vignettes
POSTER: Tom Klein Send a Private Message to Tom Klein Email   — POSTED: 09/19/05  — 01:16:03 PM
In a recent conversation with Don Law about the book that the Wianno Senior folks did to commemorate the 75th anniversary of that class a few years ago, he described how they invited people to write individual little sections.Some were as short as a couple paragraphs relating their memory of a particular race or event while others were little stories about a particular time in the history of the class.He also lent me his copy of the book they did.I was very impressed with the end product.The book was much more interesting than it would have been if it had been only photographs, yet it did not require any one individual to tackle the daunting task of writing the full text of the book.Therefore, let me start to ask for names of people who might be willing to undertake just one little story or event.No binding commitments, just expressions of potential interest at this point.I'd be happy to email a pdf of a couple of pages from the Senior book to show the sort of thing they did.Also welcome would be suggestions for names of people who might not see this web posting but might, nevertheless, be potential candidates. Tom

Update on book project
POSTER: Tom Klein Send a Private Message to Tom Klein Email   — POSTED: 04/29/05  — 09:44:26 AM
Just to keep everyone informed, Larry and I have been working to collect photographs to add to the collection.I have started to restore a number of these and they do clean up nicely, for the most part.Larry has been instrumental in tracking down a number of greats, although many of these have arrived in a degraded image format (photocopies, etc) which will be hard to digitally restore.At least we know they are there, however, and will still try to borrow the original to capture the highest quality starting image available.Last week, Larry and I had the first meeting with Ken Molloy of the Cotuit Historical Society, and they also have a number of wonderful old pix.We haven't yet scanned them, but will do so in the next few weeks.Geoff Jackson has also located a large number of old negatives from the '50s which he is sending me.We are trying to schedule another meeting in Cotuit in early June, so please email me ( if you want to be notified.Also, PLEASE look into your own family collections to see what you may have.The biggest challenge of this project is locating the old pix, and we are wholely dependent on the help of others to make this successful.More than anything else, it will be this work by others that will determine the success of the book.

Cotuit Historical Society
POSTER: Philip Odence   Send a Private Message to Philip Odence Email   — POSTED: 03/27/05  — 02:34:31 PM
A thought: It might be good for you guys to hook up with the CHS. They may have some pictures. Also, maybe they have some funding. Any other thoughts on public sources of funding?

Photo scanning set-up established
POSTER: Tom Klein Send a Private Message to Tom Klein Email   — POSTED: 03/14/05  — 10:21:19 AM
From Tom & Nelson Klein:The computer and scanner have been set up and Photoshop installed.I have talked with the Cotuit Historical Society and will be making arrangements to go through their archives to look for relevant pix.However, it would now be most helpful if you would think about family and other resouces for old pix.Please contact me to discuss procedures for accessing these safely.

Photo digitizing/archiving
POSTER: Tom Klein Send a Private Message to Tom Klein Email   — POSTED: 02/28/05  — 10:02:18 AM
From Tom & Nelson Klein:We ordered a good computer and scanner to dedicate to this project and will procure and install Photoshop Professional shortly.This should allow us to start digitizing and archiving in a week or so.It has plenty of image processing and storage capacity (160GB) and can write DVDs for archiving.The key task at this point is going to be finding and accessing the old photos.As Larry's recent additions to the web site show, there are some real gems hidden away out there.More than anything else, it will be how well we track these down which will determine the quality of the book.At the meeting earlier this month, I put together a list of potential sources of photos.I would be happy to forward this list to anyone interested;to make this process efficient, it would be very helpful if people could identify sources they would be willing to pursue.That way we can divide up the list and try to keep it from falling on too few shoulders.As Larry related, chasing down these photos can be a time consuming detective job. (Send me list requests at

Re: Re: Book planning meeting
POSTER: David Churbuck   Send a Private Message to David Churbuck Email   — POSTED: 02/26/05  — 08:33:53 AM

----| On 02/25/05 Philip Odence wrote: |----------------
Guys, sorry I wasn't able to make the meeting, but I gather from Larry that it was productive. Could someone post a short summary? THANKS.
Well, I wasn't really taking notes, but this is what I recall.CMYC Book Meeting 2.19.05Larry Odence, Tom Burgess, Nelson and Tom Klein and myself met for about an hour at the Kasa Klein.We discussed much, decided a few things, and have a lot of work to do.1. Cost. Who’s going to pay for the thing? I will explore cost estimates from Don Law based on the Senior Anniversary book that he and Joe Hinkle produced. Also from another club history I am working on now.2. Cost is driven by length, size, quality, color, etc. etc.. We are going to emphasize photographs. Will consider color if there is enough good color photography to include. While it won’t be printed on newsprint, it won’t be a massive coffee table book either.3. Cost. We’ll look into publishing 500 to 1000 and will sell them to whomever wants a copy and offer the remainders to the Cotuit Historical Society of the library for future sale.4. We may do some fundraising to help cover the publishing costs.5. We agreed not to look for a commercial publisher.6. Outline. We discussed the sample table of contents I posted here last month. Too ambitious. More work will need to be done. We’re not looking for an 80,000 word opus.7. Photographs. Tom and Nelson will coordinate the scanning of photographs. We will make announcements at the 4th of July meeting and in mailings to request loans of good photos.8. Larry told us about his experiences in getting a single picture for his fleet history, and we all agreed that having our act together in terms of caring for some family heirlooms is crucial.That’s about it. We didn’t set a date for a second meeting, but we’re off and running.

Re: Book planning meeting
POSTER: Philip Odence   Send a Private Message to Philip Odence Email   — POSTED: 02/25/05  — 01:28:59 PM
Guys, sorry I wasn't able to make the meeting, but I gather from Larry that it was productive. Could someone post a short summary? THANKS.

Book planning meeting
POSTER: Tom Klein Send a Private Message to Tom Klein Email   — POSTED: 02/14/05  — 10:17:24 AM
As a reminder:There will be a meeting this Saturday, 2/19, at my (Tom Klein's) house at 10am at 11 Grove St, Cotuit, to discuss the book project for anyone who is interested.Please RSVP to me at ( or 617-921-0485) to let me know if you're coming.Tom

Central repository
POSTER: Tom Klein Send a Private Message to Tom Klein Email   — POSTED: 02/09/05  — 10:37:03 AM
I hope we will find ourselves in the situation where we have an abundance of riches when it comes to photos, although this is still very uncertain.I am contacting the Cotuit Historical Society to see what they may have in their archives.My suggestion would be to go for a central archival database with high capacity. Here we could archive the original format images in high resolution (which we may not want to fully employ on the web site or in our ultimately selected media), track sources and copyrights, etc.With this, we should try to assure that we will never have to do this process again, since our archival sources will presumably disappear with time.This will ultimately serve as our master file and, at the completion of the project, could be turned over the historical society or the library for permanent archiving.From this master file, we would select photos for inclusion, edit/crop as necessary, choose resolution, etc.I propose we consider three modes of publication: (1) an anniversary book, (2) one or more CDs of photos, and (3) the web site.The book will clearly be the most expensive, and therefore offer the least number of images.It will, however, be the true centennial publication.The other two will be much cheaper to produce, but will lack permanence.I would prefer to start this process immediately, instead of waiting until summer.We know many of the logical potential sources of pix.We have the meeting scheduled for 2/19 and I would love to kick things off at that time.Comments?Tom

Re: Photo cataloguing
POSTER: Lincoln Jackson   Send a Private Message to Lincoln Jackson Email   — POSTED: 02/08/05  — 02:45:02 PM
I'd love to be involved at whatever capacity and would be glad to lead or be lead.

In terms of collecting in a central repository, I recommend some part of this site. As I mentioned, I want to ideally convert what we get to JPG for display on the site.

I also have a scanner. What I thought we could do is ask people at the 4th of July meeting to sign-up for us to contact them for their photos. I think we can kind of guess who they are but having address, phone, email for communication is necessary. This 4th of July meeting is going to need to be a massive communication vehicle for many of these initiatives.

----| On 02/07/05 Tom Klein wrote: |----------------
This is something I'd like to be involved in, too.Maybe we can get a couple of people helping with the locating, picking up, and returning of pix, we can then have scanning sessions with fast turn-around.I think the key thing is that people are going to be understandably nervous about lending them out, therefore quick turnaround is going to be important.I'm happy to take the lead on the collecting, cataloguing and archiving, if that would be helpful.Linc, would you want to do that together?

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